Meet Justine | Fashion Consultant in London

Offering my services as a fashion consultant in London is a dream come true for me. Fashion has always been part of my life and personality. As a young child I insisted on dressing myself, refusing to wear what my Mum chose for me; I had my own style and everyone knew it! Nothing has changed…I still have my own style.

Growing up, wearing a uniform was my worst nightmare so I’d find a way to customise it! In my adult life, people often say “only you could wear that”, “I wish I was brave enough to wear statement jewellery”. You just need to find what suits you and have the confidence to be the best you…. but remember our body shape changes with age so what suited you ten years ago may not suit you now!

Forming my career as a Fashion Consultant

During my early teens I subscribed to Vogue and watched The Clothes Show Live religiously. I now follow all Designer’s collections as they’re released to gain inspiration for my repeat clients for the season ahead.

I love and specialise in styling men and women for all life occasions – smart casual, evening wear and everyday clothing. I tried my hand at making clothes, but soon discovered I couldn’t sew so stuck to personal styling!

I chose to do an Art dissertation on ‘Fashion through the ages’ at school, which was not part of the syllabus; I’ve always been the one who wanted to be unique and not follow the crowd.

I studied Business and Fashion at college in London, but I learnt my trade from the British College of Professional Styling. Although I have been trained, I have developed my own way of working with clients, everyone is unique. I try not to pigeonhole people into categories or using the ‘painting by numbers’ approach. Styling and Personal shopping is a personal service, in order to gain your trust in my expertise, you need to feel special and one of a kind in order to get the best out of your styling experience.

My role as a Fashion Consultant.

Fashion is constantly changing, but you’ll notice that designers will sometimes draw upon the past for inspiration. Take a look at the ‘Gallery‘ section of my website, I source inspiration from an assortment of designers and high street stores, not sticking to just one style.

As a fashion consultant, I know that every client is different and budgets vary so I have a variety of places to source clothes and accessories to suit everyone regardless of shape, style preference or gender.

Although I’d love to style the masses, I need to meet you and be able to offer you a personal service, which means I stay fairly local. Whilst I’m based in South West London, I provide services as a fashion consultant in London and within a 10 mile radius of Central London. Failing that, I’m sure we can meet halfway. I am familiar with local boutiques and where to source bespoke clothing.

Getting Hold of Me.

Please contact me to arrange a call and face to face meeting.  Also, have a look at my online shop.

You’ll notice throughout my website there’s some thought provoking quotes. This is a business, but my business is to enhance your appearance and improve how you feel about yourself. There maybe a million people in your life who need your time and attention, but don’t forget about yourself…

Here are some of my favourite styles, but of course the point of us working together is to find your own personal style.