Justine helped me find some new holiday outfits, I love them, thanks


I met Justine recently at her Boutique Sartorial, we got chatting and she’s recently helped me find the perfect outfit for a special occasion, I’ll definitely be contacting/visiting her again soon


I’ve asked for Justine’s help again recently; I had a work function and needed help finding an outfit. Loved it and I was surprised at what I agreed to wear. The wardrobe review prior to our shopping trip was great, now it seems like I have more clothes as Justine showed me how to mix and match!
Justine and I went shopping for my wedding outfit and accessories. It was a low key affair so I didn’t want to spend a fortune on something I won’t ever wear again. Justine managed to find the perfect little dress. And she also showed me how to dress it down, so I can continue wearing it after our wedding day.
Justine carried out a wardrobe review at my house. She asked me to try on outfits I normally wear then gave me alternative options on how I could get the best out of my existing clothes/shoes etc. I went shopping with Justine and we bought some accessories to update and compliment what I already have. Loved the experience, very helpful.
Justine is my shoe guru!
Justine showed me which colours suit me which I found interesting as I would never have thought about these colours being an option for me. This made me more open minded when we went shopping together. Great day!
Justine is my guide to what’s new in men’s fashion. No hard sell or making me wear anything ridiculous, just friendly advice on what suits me. Now I don’t just wear navy blue jumpers!


It’s important to support local businesses in this financial climate. Please see below some referrals:

Steve at Evolve Web Consultants is my guru when it comes to SEO (search engine optimisation), marketing, strategy, web content etc. no techy conversations unless that’s what you’re in to, but professional and fun advice on how to turn your web and social media presence around and increase revenue. I would highly recommend their services, it’s the best investment you’ll make for growing your business.

Take a look at their website www.evolvewebconsultants.co.uk – please mention my referral when you make contact


Sarah at Miss Ava’s Millinery hand makes beautiful and quirky bespoke headpieces for any occasion at a very high standard. Please contact me for more information; alternatively you can view some of her pieces at my shop Sartorial, 50 Coombe Road, Kingston Upon Thames, KT2 7AF. We also have beautiful hat pins that can also be used to keep a pashmina in place and men’s lapel pins.


Liz Goodchild is a life coach, marathon runner and swimmer; she’s an inspiration. Liz helped me enormously when I was in the process of opening my Fashion Boutique, Sartorial; changing your mind set is key to achieving your goals.  Visit her website for more information www.lizgoodchild.co.uk

Please mention my referral when you make contact with her.


Kristin designed this website for me, it’s still evolving and she’s great for coming up with new design and function ideas; she’s a perfectionist and a joy to work with. Take a look at her website to find out more www.finsel-made.com

Please mention my referral when you contact Kristin, I would highly recommend her services.