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Not everyone can wear the colours they love, but I can help you find a shade similar, which will enhance your complexion and body shape.

When I discuss my colour analysis process with you, I will ask you a series of questions to ascertain in my mind what colours will suit you. For women, part of my analysis will also include the colours you wear on your face; they should compliment your clothing as this finishes an outfit. If you get the contrast right the clothes and make up you wear should literally make your face glow, which results in people feeling compelled to comment on how nice you look. Then we can move on to me literally demonstrating to you which colours suit you. We will find the perfect colours, which are on trend; sometimes a splash of colour is all that’s needed if it’s not necessarily the best colour for you in a block. Ideally a shopping trip would be the next step as you may have the wrong colours in your current wardrobe; it will help to show you how wearing certain styles and hues can create an illusion and transform your appearance. No need to buy anything unless you want to of course!

This formula also applies to men, wearing the right colours and being open minded to trying a varied palette can really make a difference. Some say styling men is limited, but I disagree, there are so many influences: dandy, grunge, mod, skater, smart classic or smart preppy for example. The same garment can be cut differently, you may prefer slim fitted or classic fit. Fabrics,  patterns and accessories also play a huge part in a man’s style. Simply adding a lapel pin or pocket square can make you look sharp and stand out from the crowd. A great pair of shoes can finish off a plain casual outfit or even jewellery, if that’s your style. Maybe you don’t know what your style identity is and want to try a few different looks, we can do that.

Each client is different, I’ll never make you wear anything you’re not comfortable with, but I will encourage you to try options outside your comfort zone just to demonstrate how these small changes can have such an impact.

Wearing the right colours and style for you will change how people perceive you. If you feel good, you look good.

I believe everyone should try to give someone a compliment when its due, even strangers – not necessarily on how they look, but just say something up lifting. It could be “your child is so adorable”, “thank you for your time”, “you look lovely today, that colour really suits you”… Try it you’ll make someone smile. I understand that sometimes entering a small boutique like mine can be awkward, I try to make people feel at ease by engaging in conversation and a compliment goes a long way. I hope every one who visits Sartorial Boutique and Gifts leaves with a smile on their face….

I also hold Colour Analysis parties at my Boutique, 50 Coombe Road, Kingston upon Thames KT2 7AF. Please contact me to discuss your requirements: or 020 3759 1445 (Open: Monday 11.00 – 7pm Tuesday – Friday 10.30 – 7pm and 10.30 – 5.30pm Saturdays)



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