Personal Styling for Special Occasions.

styling for special occasions - wedding planner in LondonIf your goal is to look jaw-droppingly gorgeous for something special, then I offer bespoke personal styling for special occasions – focusing on you looking your absolute beautiful best.

I believe everyone should make the best of themselves. Not everyone is destined to be a supermodel, but we can all look amazing, regardless of size, shape or gender.

As much as people like to receive compliments, we should all give them out too. There’s nothing better than a stranger paying you a compliment on what you’re wearing.

Carry on After the Special Occasions.

If you look good on the outside, you will feel good on the inside and portray yourself in the best light.

Why not carry on this attitude and look equally as good in your casual wear? No need to wear a tracksuit outside of the gym!

See my Body Shape Analysis page for more information on getting the style right for your height and shape.

I provide styling advice for the following special occasions.

  • Party
  • Family gathering
  • Change in your body shape and need help finding new styles to suit you
  • Wedding
  • First date
  • New job or interview
  • Gift ideas
  • Personal shopping for the men out there who don’t know what to buy their partner

If you have a special occasion coming up and would like getting the right style for it, why not email me with your requirments.

Check out my video, which briefly outlines what to expect from a styling session for Special Occasions; this a bespoke service and very much depends on your requirements. There’s a video for each service, so keep looking through the pages…